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Portable Restroom Trailers For Sale

Restroom trailers or luxury restroom trailers, is a stand-alone trailer unit that also comes in a range of styles. They usually have their own entrance and exit, and contain individual restroom stalls or bathrooms.
Help prevent the spread of COVID-19
Running hot and cold water
Climate controlled
Family friendly
Interior lighting
Odor reduction
Flushable toilets
Line control

Recent Restroom Trailer Builds

Recent restroom trailers
Popular Restroom Trailer Models For Sale
2 Stall Restroom Trailer
 2 stalls
 Hot and cold running water
 Bathroom amenities
4 Stall Restroom Trailer
 4 stalls
 Hot and cold running water
Bathroom amenities
10 Stall Restroom Trailer
 10 stalls
 Hot an cold running water
Bathroom amenities
Custom Restroom Trailer
 Custom # of stalls
 Gold plated toilets..the sky is the limit

What are the Benefits of Restroom Trailers?

The adoption of restroom trailers was accelerated in 1984 when PolyJohn built the first trailer in Columbus, OH and showed the world what is possible with bathroom trailers with their 32 ft. long eight-stall trailer with three urinals. PolyJohn also got in the game soon after becoming its own separate company. Since then there have been over 20 manufacturers of restroom trailers around the world. The restroom trailer is now a staple at large gatherings, black tie events, construction sites, festivals, weddings, and other occasions where mobile bathrooms are needed. The benefits of restroom trailers are now more important than ever.
Restroom Trailer Appearance
Many misconstrue the idea of portable restrooms to mean an unsightly eyesore at their event. Portable restroom trailers have debunked this common myth, and present a classy appearance perfectly suited for corporate functions, outdoor weddings, and other formal events. Standard portable restroom trailers are modern, stylish, and upscale, offering numerous amenities to cater to large groups and guests.
Hot and Cold Running Water
One of the biggest complaints that people have about traditional portable toilets is the lack of access to hot water for hand washing and hygiene. Portable restroom trailers feature hot and cold running water, so guests can wash their hands with confidence before leaving the cabin. Having access to hot water provides a better opportunity to wash away germs found in public restrooms.
Bathroom Amenities
Contemporary portable restrooms come with numerous amenities not included in single porta potty units. Standard features in plus trailers can include elegant countertops, faux hardwood flooring, stainless steel sinks, air conditioning, heating, and even a radio and CD player. With countless modern amenities, and the ability to decorate and personalize each trailer, they can quickly be transformed into an upscale restroom for your next event.
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Restroom Trailer Technology - How Does It Work?

One of the most interesting parts of the restroom trailer industry is the variety of ways you can build a bathroom trailer. The underlying technology can vary quite a bit, but it really all comes down to what your goals are. At the highest level, there are three types of restroom trailers most consumers see today:

a photo of a standard restroom trailer
Standard Restroom Trailers
These trailers follow pre-designed rules, often built using a standard layout where the trailer contains the basic features of a bathroom trailer such as having flushing restrooms, running water sinks, etc.
a photo of a luxury restroom trailer
Luxury Restroom Trailers
Luxury bathroom trailers have it all. Heating and air conditioning is to be expected. They also can include music, television, and even a heated fireplace if you desire.
a photo of a construction restroom trailer
Specialized Construction Restroom Trailers
These portable restroom trailers are designed to help them adhere to special construction situations.

Why are Restroom Trailers Important?

There's no denying the importance restroom trailers play in the ongoing pandemic. Bathroom trailers ensure a reduced exposure to bacteria and viruses like COVID-19.

All the components of a portable restroom trailer, from the hot and cold running water to wash your hands, to the flushing toilets, helps to reduce exposure to bacteria and viruses. This gives your visitors added confidence, and will help you stand out as a business that cares about health and good sanitation practices.

Whether your building is undergoing construction or you need to accommodate extra visitors during your busy season, you’ll likely want to consider how to add restroom facilities to your site. Portable restroom trailers offer the sanitation your guests demand at a price you can afford. Be sure to consider these trailers as a viable solution to your company’s restroom challenges.
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Frequently Asked Questions Before You Buy a Restroom Trailer

Portable restroom trailers have come a long way in recent years, and today they offer many of the same amenities as your average home bathroom. Running water, climate controlled interiors, flushable porcelain toilets, and interior running lights are just some of the features that make them so popular. Porta-potties are often gross and smelly, but we have a solution. Bathroom trailers offer all the amenities of your own toilet at home.

Providing your guests with the right amount of restrooms is important. When determining the right amount of restroom trailers for your event you’ll want to consider the number of people attending, duration of event, percentage men/women/children and location trailer to event. Few things ruin an event like a lack of restrooms and if you're not careful you'll spend the whole night waiting in line for one. You'll want to make sure that you have enough restrooms that are close by so people can get in and out quickly. Luckily, restroom trailers will provide your guests with all of the privacy they need! With help on determining how many restroom trailers would be appropriate, please contact one of trailer representatives at 928-212-2266

Absolutely! With a little extra effort, you can bring the shower and restroom trailers indoors. We'll gladly help you plan for the space before delivery.

We can recommend several different trailer financing options that would be best suited for your needs.

We can arrange for your portable restroom trailer to be delivered to your location. In addition to serving the specialty and portable restroom trailer needs of our domestic customers, we continue to grow our relationships with customers internationally. A portable restroom trailer or shower trailer from Elk Creek Trailers is designed to flexibly adhere to varied local conditions and requirements around the world. Most trailers that are shipped worldwide are delivered via cargo ship. Of course pickup is free at our trailer manufacturing center in Northern Arizona.

This answer will vary depending on the specific trailer your looking for. Some of our smaller trailers do have smaller on-board fresh water holding tanks that will accommodate for shorter periods of time and fewer people. Our larger restroom trailers may be better suited if you need space or gallons per minute output for longer events such as car washes or festivals. However, a fresh water source is a must-have for many of our larger trailers. Luckily with just a garden hose and some additional equipment, you'll be able to hook up your trailer to an external water source in no time at all.

Restroom trailers should be placed in a location that is both convenient for users and accessible to service drivers. The trailer should be on level, solid ground and have an electrical hookup as well as an approved water source nearby. It’s important to make sure these connections will be available upon delivery. Contact one of our representatives today and we’ll ensure that the right equipment is ordered at the right time.

Power requirements will vary per trailer, but solar panels can power lighting and flushing mechanisms. Climate controls still require a standard 20-amp (110 volt) power supply though. This power can be supplied via a generator or standard outlet. The larger restroom trailers require 3 or 4 outlets, each with 20 Amps of power. These are typically 110 volts and need to be "dedicated" for use by the trailer. If you're interested in one of these bad boys please contact a member of our team ASAP so we can make sure your bathroom trailer will have all the juice it needs.

Our portable bathroom trailers are being used in extreme climates ranging from arid hot deserts to snowy mountain areas. Depending upon the type of bathroom trailer model you get they are well ventilated and feature climate controls such as air conditioning or heating. We also take steps to reduce additional odors that are commonly associated with portable restrooms during warm weather.

We offer several different types of finishes and upgrades for your portable bathroom trailer. Depending upon the type of trailer you get there are many available options to choose from: Inside and outside LED lighting: Central stereo and MP3 players: Segmented climate controls: Individual sinks and vanities: Private toilets and urinals:

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