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New options are available to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Touchless water faucet and soap dispenser and optional dividers between sinks.

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Our Sanitation Trailers

Front of a restroom trailer

Restroom Trailers

Restroom trailers, also known, as portable bathroom trailers offer a variety of features and amenities much like that of a home bathroom.

Front of a sink trailer

Sink Trailers

Sink trailers are ideal for disaster relief, emergency response, industrial outages, government projects, wildland fire fighting, or anywhere where clean hands are needed.

Front of a shower trailer

Shower Trailers

Shower trailers offer a variety of comforts and amenities very much like your home shower.

Front of a restroom shower trailer combo

Combo Trailers

These trailers are combination of shower and restroom trailers combined.

Now is the time to add portable restroom trailers, showers, and sinks to your rental fleet
The Number 1 thing that helps prevent the Deadly Coronavirus is “Frequent & Proper Hand Washing”. Are your customers' COVID-19 safety concerns being met?
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Touchless Faucets
An icon that is illustrating a person being comfortable while they use their restroom trailer
Eliminate Spread of Disease
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Privacy Dividers
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Trailer FAQS
Why should I choose a restroom trailer versus a port a potty?
Portable restroom trailers have come a long way in recent years, and today they offer many of the same amenities as your average home bathroom. Running water, climate controlled interiors, flushable porcelain toilets, and interior running lights are just some of the features that make them so popular. Porta-potties are often gross and smelly, but we have a solution. Restroom trailers offer all the amenities of your own toilet at home.
How many trailers do I need?
Providing your guests with the right amount of restrooms is important. When determining the right amount of restroom trailers for your event you’ll want to consider the number of people attending, duration of event, percentage men/women/children and location trailer to event.

Few things ruin an event like a lack of restrooms and if you're not careful you'll spend the whole night waiting in line for one. You'll want to make sure that you have enough restrooms that are close by so people can get in and out quickly. Luckily, restroom trailers will provide your guests with all of the privacy they need! With help on determining how many restroom trailers would be appropriate, please contact one of trailer representatives at 928-212-2266
Can trailers be placed inside?
Absolutely! With a little extra effort, you can bring the shower and restroom trailers indoors. We'll gladly help you plan for the space before delivery.
Where should a restroom trailer be placed?
Restroom trailers should be placed in a location that is both convenient for users and accessible to service drivers. The trailer should be on level, solid ground and have an electrical hookup as well as an approved water source nearby.

It’s important to make sure these connections will be available upon delivery. Contact one of our representatives today and we’ll ensure that the right equipment is ordered at the right time.
Will you deliver my trailer?
Absolutely. In addition to serving the specialty and portable restroom trailer needs of our domestic customers, we continue to grow our relationships with customers internationally. A portable restroom trailer or shower trailer from Elk Creek Trailers is designed to flexibly adhere to varied local conditions and requirements around the world.
Most trailers that are shipped worldwide are delivered via cargo ship. Of course pickup is free at our trailer manufacturing center in Northern Arizona.
Do I need a water hookup for my trailer?
This answer will vary depending on the specific trailer your looking for. Some of our smaller trailers do have smaller on-board fresh water holding tanks that will accommodate for shorter periods of time and fewer people. 

Our larger trailers may be better suited if you need space or gallons per minute output for longer events such as car washes or festivals. 

However, a fresh water source is a must-have for many of our larger trailers. Luckily with just a garden hose and some additional equipment, you'll be able to hook up your trailer to an external water source in no time at all!

Do I need a power hookup for my trailer?
Power requirements will vary per trailer, but solar panels can power lighting and flushing mechanisms. Climate controls still require a standard 20-amp (110 volt) power supply though. This power can be supplied via a generator or standard outlet. 

The larger trailers require 3 or 4 outlets, each with 20 Amps of power. These are typically 110 volts and need to be "dedicated" for use by the trailer. If you're interested in one of these bad boys please contact a member of our team ASAP so we can make sure your trailer will have all the juice it needs.
Can my trailer be used in hot or cold climates?
Yes. Depending upon the model you get they are well ventilated and feature climate controls such as air conditioning or heating. We also take steps to reduce additional odors that are commonly associated with portable restrooms during warm weather.
What additional features can be added to my trailer?
Depending upon the type of trailer you get there are many available options to choose from:

Inside and outside LED lighting:
Central stereo and MP3 players:
Segmented climate controls:
Individual sinks and vanities:
Private toilets and urinals:

Do you offer financing for the trailers?
We can recommend several different trailer financing options that would be best suited for your needs.
Recent Trailer Testimonials

I had been interested in starting a mobile restroom business for a few years before I bought my first trailer. I researched the market and saw there was a large opportunity and began to search for a manufacturer. I searched manufactures from across the country and wanted one that produced a trailer with high quality and service, Elk Creek Trailers was that company. Right from the start I knew I was in good hands. Being new to the industry, they walked me through the ins and out of it all.

Andy P.
Tuple Event Hire Ltd

When it came to finding the right mobile restroom manufacturer to go with I quickly realized there is much more quality and detail out there to know about. I tried contacting multiple businesses in and out of state, but Elk Creek Trailers were the ones that helped us out way better than others. They enabled us to have the confidence to make this investment without worry that we wouldn’t get what we wanted. The customer service we received from Elk Creek Trailers was nothing less than phenomenal.

Joseph R.
Simply Toilets
Committed To Our Customers
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Committed to delivering high quality specialty trailers including ADA compliant restroom and shower trailers, combination trailers, and fully custom built trailers to our clients at competitive prices. Our manufacturing contracts and continually growing client base allow us to offer the best pricing, largest inventory and quickest delivery time to you and our client.
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Elk Creek Trailers sources and inspects the finest new and used inventory and will work with you to find the very best solution for your particular needs. All new products that are purchased through Elk Creek Trailers will carry full manufacturers warranties.
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We are committed to flawless execution and delivery, and we take pride in helping our customers thrive in today's challenging environment. We bring our client's visions to life and our commitment to building custom restroom trailers that surpass all industry competitors keep them coming back.
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Trusted by top brands across the country. Be Part of Our Growing Family of Clients.