Portable Hand Wash Sink Trailers For Sale

Now is the time to add portable Hot Water Sinks and Trailers to your Rental Fleet! New options are available to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Touchless water faucet and soap dispenser and optional dividers between sink.

a 12 sink hand washing trailer

Popular Sink Trailer Models

8 Sink Trailer

An 8 sink hand washing sink trailer

, 8 sink trailer

10 Sink Trailer

A 10 sink hand washing sink trailer

, 10 sink trailer

12 Sink Trailer

A 12 sink hand washing sink trailer

, 12 sink trailer

16 Sink Trailer

A 16 sink hand washing sink trailer

, 16 sink trailer

20 Sink Trailer

A 20 sink hand washing sink trailer

, 20 sink trailer

Give your guests or employees hot and cold running water

You know when there's nothing more satisfying than a long, hot shower? Well now with the new portable Hot Water Sink Trailers from Elk Creek Trailers, you can have a long hot shower for your hands! Your guests will appreciate nice hot water for their precious digits.

“The hot water sink trailers from Elk Creek Trailers have been invaluable for the contracts we have with the Forest Service. ”

Marcia Hill, Grand Rapids Enterprises LLC
side view of a sink trailer

Better serve your customers

This year we had a huge demand for our mobile restrooms that has been increasing exponentially. We have seen an increase of 20% in the past year alone so we are building more to meet demands. If you are looking at sink trailer trailer or similar type of unit for your event, business, or function please contact us today to set up a meeting with one of our reps.

close up of stainless steel sinks on a sink trailer

Standard Specifications

Below features are standard for all sink trailer builds. Additional customizations are available upon request.

  • All plumbing PVC & PEX
  • Plumbed for easy winterization
  • 525 +-gallons Poly Fresh Water Tank with 2 drains
  • 500-gallon grey water storage pillow tank with all hoses & connections
  • Trailer, tanks, and all hoses labeled
  • Fresh water pump assembly
  • 2″ Waste drain valve
  • City water connection
  • Adjustable water faucets
  • Material
  • ALL Aluminum Exterior (Choice of 12 Standard Colors)
  • All steel frame. Entire underside of trailer is undercoated.
  • Stainless steel sinks
  • Electric
  • USB 110V outlet inside
  • 4-110Volt outlets outside
  • LED Interior & Exterior Lights on a dimmer control
  • DOT LED Safety and Light Package
  • Exterior
  • 2-5/16” Ball Hitch
  • Dual 3500lb Dexter Axles
  • 4 - Load Leveler jacks 5,000 lb. ea.
  • Includes
  • GP-paper towel dispensers
  • Fold up Lift Panel / Cover
  • Bulk Liquid Soap dispensers
  • Safety Plex Mirrors
  • 2 – Propane Tanks
  • High Efficiency on Demand Propane Water Heater
  • Mounted Spare Tire Included
  • Lockable Storage Area
  • Considerations
  • Light weight ~ EASILY PULLS WITH 1/2 TON PICKUP
  • Additional Addons Available

    Upgrade Your Sink Trailer

  • 200 watt solar package with 2 batteries
  • Dual axles includes a heavy frame upgrade
  • Diamond plate rock-guard on front trailer 2’x 8’
  • Stainless steel countertops (comes with formica tops as standard)
  • Solid surface corian countertops
  • On board totally self-contained gray water system includes another poly 525-gallon gray tank with sump pump
  • Note* adds additional length to trailer and (requires the 2nd axle upgrade)
  • 5-foot sleeper/storage with ext. Door, window, and bunk bed no mattress lighting and electric outlets.
  • Note: * adds additional length to trailer and (requires the 2nd axle upgrade)
  • High quality 8 inch comfort gel mattress for sleeper
  • Dometic 13.500 btu rooftop ac/w heat 15” tall
  • Dometic low-profile 13.500 btu rooftop ac/w heat 10” tall
  • Dometic slimline 2000 btu 12volt ac just over 6" high quite w/remote runs 12hours on a 12volt battery
  • Wall mounted electric heater for the sleeper
  • Generator mount on tongue of trailer with diamond plate encasement
  • Extra-500-gallon gray water bag
  • Hands-free faucets and soap dispensers (usfs does not allow)
  • Aluminum wheels per set of -2
  • Extra water pump
  • Extra gas shocks for main doors 2 per door required price is each
  • Meets all the current USFS and Cal Fire requirements.
    Blue bunk bed in the sink trailer for sleeping.
    Detail of the top of the sink trailer showing a solar panel.
    Stainless steel countertops

    Recent Sink Trailer Builds

    Most recent builds of a sink trailer for wildland fire fighting.

    Frequently asked sink trailer questions

    Portable sinks are a popular choice for companies looking to strengthen their sanitation and hygiene standards. They come in many shapes and sizes, catering to different clientele needs. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can always contact us with your enquiry.

    Can you build me a custom sink trailer?
    As the sink trailer manufacturer, we can build you a custom sink trailer. Per your custom requirements, we can build the perfect solution for your mobile hand washing needs.
    Do your sink trailers come fully equipped?
    Our Portable handwash Sink Trailers are totally self-contained & come fully equipped with on demand LP hot water heaters, water pumps, paper towel and soap dispensers, as well as safety mirrors to ensure that you can maintain hygiene wherever you are. They will run anywhere on our solar setup and have an on board 525-gallon freshwater tank, each trailer also has safety features to prevent any accidents during use.
    Where can I place the sink trailer for operation?
    These trailers operate on free electricity thru the solar system or can be powered by 110 V electricity or by a generator - which means there is no need to worry about finding a power source while away from home. These trailers will cater perfectly to all of your needs when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation; whether it's at a fair or rodeo, while camping in remote locations or even during natural disasters like hurricanes and wildland fires.
    What are the benefits of sink trailers?
    The importance of sink trailers is undeniable, and they play a crucial role in the ongoing pandemic. By providing hand sanitizer and sinks for those with COVID-19 to wash their hands before consumption, we're able to decrease exposure to these bacteria and viruses. Portable sinks offer a lot of advantages to those who are looking for ways to keep their employees, clients or customers happy and healthy. Portable sinks have hot and cold running water that can be used for handwashing, flushing toilets, or even washing dishes. This allows you to reduce the risk of contaminating your facility with bacteria and viruses by providing a place where people can wash their hands before they enter areas with food preparation surfaces!
    Do sink trailers help prevent the spread of COVID-19?
    We're not saying that sink trailers are some kind of COVID-19 deterrent, but by being proactive and washing your hands it's been proven to help lessen the spread of the virus. That's where the sink trailers come in. You provide an opportunity for customers or employees to wash their hands with touchless faucets, dividers between the sinks, and other additional safety features to put their mind at ease.
    What events are sink trailers good for?
    Fire camp hand washing stations are one of the most popular uses. These hand washing stations are also perfect outdoor concerts, wildland firefighting, or any remote event where you need hand washing. Sink trailers are great for any event where you expect a crowd or gathering. Allow your guests to wash their hands with hot running water. Our newest sink trailers offer not only added convenience but also serve as a great way to keep COVID-19 from spreading, so everyone can enjoy their day at your next event worry free.

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