Shower Trailers For Sale

When you purchase a shower trailer from Elk Creek Trailers, you're buying the perfect portable shower solution that can be set up anywhere. Whether it's at a campground or in your backyard for when that one crazy relative shows up. 

This affordable and efficient option will ensure you'll always have access to clean water for washing up.
Quality and Comfort
Shower Trailers perfect for wide range of events and environments
Help prevent the spread of COVID-19
Numerous sizes and combos available

Recent Shower Trailer Builds

Popular shower trailer plans
Popular Shower Trailer Models
6 Stall Shower Trailer
 An 6 stall shower trailer

8 Stall Shower Trailer
An 8 stall shower trailer

2 Restroom + 2 Stall Shower Combo Trailer
 Combo shower trailer that features 2 restrooms and 2 showers.

4 Restroom + 4 Stall Shower Combo Trailer
 Combo shower trailer that features 4 restrooms and 4 showers.

8 Restroom + 8 Stall Shower Combo Trailer
 Combo shower trailer that features 8 restrooms and 8 showers.

Shower Trailer Floor Plans

Popular shower trailer plans
What are the benefits of Shower Trailers?
Shower Trailers are an innovative and attractive way to keep clean on the go. Whether you need a one-person unit, or a space for multiple guests at a time, we have endless options available to suit your needs. Our custom built units are durable and functional with an appealing easy clean interior.

We have a number of options to suit all your shower trailer needs.  Instant hot water on demand, that can be mounted externally or in the utility room. Units include ventilation and optional adds on like fold down benches. We'll tailor make the trailer for you with our many customizations available so you can make the most out of all the benefits of owning a portable shower trailer.
Wide Range of Uses
The list of places where mobile shower trailers are welcome is endless—conferences, festivals, events, and site work. And to help answer the need for dependable high-performance hygiene facilities in these venues, Elk Creek offers a wide selection of restroom trailers for sale as well.
Portable and Easy to Setup
Mobile Shower Trailers are a portable and lightweight solution for any event where there are many people, such as an outdoor concert. It can be set up in less than half an hour and have multiple shower heads to accommodate handfuls of people at the same time.
Your Own Clean Water Tanks
With water tanks already installed, you can dispense with the worry of an unhealthy local supply. With a trailer's self-contained system, your guests or employees will be clean and sanitary regardless of the dirty outside world!

One of the great conveniences about these shower trailers is that they come with their own water tank. The size of this tank depends on how many showers you want to offer - but rest assured that it won't matter whether or not there is any clean running water nearby!

Can You Build Me a Custom Shower Trailer?

As per your custom requirements, we can build the perfect custom solution for those out needing mobile shower trailers.
Fully Equiped
Our portable shower trailers come fully equipped with full water pumps and soap dispensers, as well as mirrors to ensure that you can maintain hygiene wherever you are. With an easy connection for inlet and hose, each trailer also has safety features to prevent any accidents during use.
Get Clean in Any Location
If needed, the shower trailers can be powered by either electricity or propane- which means there is no need to worry about finding a power source while away from home! Shower trailers will cater perfectly to all of your needs when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation; whether it's at a fair or rodeo, while camping in remote locations or even during natural disasters like hurricanes and wild land fires.
Specialized Shower Trailers
This year we had a huge demand for our mobile shower trailers that has been increasing exponentially. We have seen an increase of 30% in the past year alone so we are building more to meet demands!

 If you are looking at shower trailers or similar type of unit for your event, business, or function please contact us today to set up a meeting with one of our reps.
Why are Shower Trailers Important?
The importance of shower trailers is undeniable, and they play a crucial role in the ongoing pandemic. By providing hand sanitizer and sinks for those with COVID-19 to wash their hands before consumption, we're able to decrease exposure to these bacteria and viruses.

Portable sinks offer a lot of advantages to those who are looking for ways to keep their employees, clients or customers happy and healthy. Portable sinks have hot and cold running water that can be used for handwashing, flushing toilets, or even washing dishes. This allows you to reduce the risk of contaminating your facility with bacteria and viruses by providing a place where people can wash their hands before they enter areas with food preparation surfaces!
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