Direct Hookup Restroom, Shower, &  Specialty Trailer Floor Plans, Renderings, & Mockups

Our Direct Hook-up Units/Trailers are the least expensive, upon arrival to your site, they are designed to be lowered to the ground
and hooked up in a semi-permanent location, directly to all your utilities, Water, Electric and septic/sewer.
You save $$ because we do not have to Build 2 trailer floors and a large mechanical room for a freshwater tank
and the framework to hold the waste Tank etc., you have no waste tank, Water tank, Pump and No Stairs.
You can also use these with an external holding tank

Once your new trailer gets to your location, it is jacked up with removable manual jacks provided, then you pull the pins on
the Tires & wheels they rollup out of the way and the trailer is lowered all the way to the ground, also reducing your liability
because you don’t have 4-5 steps for someone to fall off, most of our direct connect units have 1 small step, another feature everyone loves is Direct Hook-up trailers use full size Regular household Full Flush toilets, all mobile trailers use the foot pedal RV toilets.
Need to move it occasionally no problem just disconnect the utilities, jack it up and put the pin in to hold the wheels up and away you go.

We even have a removable hitch option.

Electric and hydraulic jacks are also available if you will be moving often.

If you have an ADA Restroom, you are saving a ton of RAMP material and storage space as well as money$, on average that’s over 30 FEET!
By the trailer lowering to the ground, we are eliminating almost all the ADA required ramp only a very small, short ramp would be needed usually only 4-5 feet. ADA regs say you need 1' of ramp for 1" of vertical height
to the restroom floor and that is an average of 30” or 30 FEET OF RAMP!

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Direct Hookup Restroom/Shower & Specialty Floor Plans

2 Stall Restroom /Shower  & Specialty  
Lowering Skids/Trailers

3 Station Lowering Restroom Skid/Trailer

4 Station Lowering Restroom Skid/Trailer

5 Station Lowering Skid/Restroom Trailer

6 Station Lowering Skid/Restroom Trailer

7 Station lowering Skid/Restroom Trailer

8 Station Lowering Skid/Restroom Trailer

9-Station Lowering Restroom Unit

Restroom Trailer Mockup Videos

3 Stall Luxury Restroom Trailer

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